Do you feel like you have lost the horse you once knew?

I have been there and understand that feeling. I can’t believe that is was 6 years ago my vet recommended that I euthanize my mare. All the time and money spent on endless tests and supplements got me nowhere.

What will make you cringe, is the reality that…  Horses get put down every day with solvable problems. I didn’t believe it until I experienced this for myself.

We all have that horse we will never forget...

Fast forward to now, Pokey is healthy and thriving. It pains me to think what could have been had I listened and not found her solution.

Although, it is great that I found a way to help my mare come back to health… looking back there were tell tale signs that I missed that might have prevented her suffering!

Not all horses are at this point, but they are trying to communicate that dangerous digestive problems are present that could lead to major concerns. These signs are being shrugged off by vets and equine professionals…

That is why I designed 10 Telltale Signs That Your Horse is Suffering from Dangerous Digestive Problems, this is a free guide to help ensure you hear, what your horse might be trying to tell you.

Click here or the image below to download the guide today.

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Ditch Bad Horse Days One Day At A Time…

Courage Can Simply Be Taking The Situation One Day At A Time…

I think all horse owners face days where they might question why the heck they own horses in the first place… they may begin to question their own sanity. Yet deep down they also know that a life without horses simply just won’t do! I’ll be honest, I tend to be overly optimistic, those around me have said I can find light in the darkest of places. My horsemanship and horse ownership is no exception.

Yet I recently found myself in one of those dark, ugly horse days, where I was pretty sure one of my herd members had worn out his welcome. You can here more of Lonan’s story and our ugly day from a Facebook Live video shared below.

Don’t Lose Hope-

Lonan is a horse that challenges me in ways I don’t often enjoy, and yet for some reason it seems wrong to send him on his way. I mention that I read a chapter from Heart To Heart With Horses The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki by Kathleen Prasad that morning. It was Chapter 8 titled Healing Fear and Finding Courage.

This chapter could not have been more aligned with what both Lonan and I are going through! He has some pretty strong and alive fears and emotions when it comes to people. He actually has an indentation scar from a lariat on his neck from a history of not ideal handling…

I myself experience a considerable amount of fear sometimes in his presence. I mention in the video he is expansive… something about him just feels big and loud. Yet there is a sensitivity and softness that when he feels safe enough to expose this side of himself, I am in complete amazement.

In the book there is a passage that shares “When we’re afraid to be who we are, our animals don’t feel safe to be who they are.” This strikes me as so true and reminds me what horses can teach us if we are open to it. Most of the time I feel the most myself when I am with horses… almost any horse!

Not this one… he awakens feelings I am not familiar with and instantly I no longer recognize myself. Through the tips I shared in my previous post and the words in that chapter I am so thankful I read that morning, I continue my journey with Lonan.

Looking at the Big Picture

So I mentioned my over site with Lonan’s diet and the fact I didn’t factor in the impact of the hay switch I had to make… Although it was not solely the solution, I have seen many times when diet and lifestyle are big contributing factors to a horse’s behavior and health! If you want to review your horse’s lifestyle for negative imbalances be sure to download our FREE PDF guide, The Secrets of Equine Naturopathy, click here or the image below to get this guide sent to your inbox today!

How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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The Journey To Your Horse’s Health Begins Here & Now!

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No Bad Horse Days! Mindset and Horse Connection

Horsemanship Tips to Ensure Good Horse Days!

I would say horse connection is the reason many horse owners have horses in their lives. Although there are some who simply have them for a business, profit, or professional stand point only. The average horse owner I believe has horses to enjoy a connection and bond that you don’t get from motorized ATV and recreational activities. You might look at the title “No Bad Horse Days” and be a bit skeptical, but I decided with the time, effort, and work that horses require I would not accept having any more bad sessions or days with my horse.

Just like with any habit or goal, some days it takes focus and determination to keep yourself positive. It is a choice or mindset that you can train yourself to gravitate towards and eventually it will become a natural, automatic response. As an entrepreneur, I spend a good amount of time in personal development, but as a horse lover and owner I find that horses are amazing teachers and can push and drive us to becoming better people, if we are open and give them the opportunity.

In this post I will share how I help myself through my own bad horse days, so that you can learn to enjoy your time with your horse. I believe the emotional health of the horse is just as important as the physical health. Horse connection and emotions have a big impact on horse behavior as well! It is a synergy that Equine Essential Wellness helps horse owners balance and take responsibility for. This is how you achieve your dreams, goals, and passions with your horse!

Teacher - Horsemanship

Essential Oils and Horse Behavior

The great thing about essential oils, is they can be utilized by both horse and rider! In relation to improving horsemanship and horse sessions there are two factors to think of while selecting the right essential oil single or blend to maximize your results.

  • Mindset and Focus– To improve or increase focus and shift mindset to a more positive vibration, I like to use Clarity Young Living blend,  Citrus Fresh Young Living blend, and one horses seem to really enjoy Magnify Your Purpose Young Living blend. If you prefer singles or have a therapeutic grade vendor that you trust Peppermint, Grapefruit, Orange, or Basil are great options too! These essential oil options can bring mental clarity for both you and your horse.
  • Emotions and Stress– Whether you or the horse tends to get emotional or brings tension into the session it is not productive and will have a negative impact on your session. For blends I would utilize Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Grounding, or Harmony, these are Young Living essential oil blends. For single essential oils Lavender, Ylang Ylang, or tree oils (tend to be grounding) Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, etc.

Horsemanship Quote

Horsemanship and Mindset

When undesirable horse behavior arises I like to remind myself of a couple quotes from some great horsemen:

“The horse may not be doing the thing that is the right thing for what the rider is asking him, but as far as the horse is concerned, he is doing the right thing.” ~Tom Dorrance

“One of the primary ways horses communicate with us is through their behavior. Again, it is my belief horses don’t distinguish between how they feel and how they act. So if they act a certain way, their actions are reflecting the way they feel. A horse’s body then becomes a mirror for their emotions. So the body informs us of what is truly going on internally.” ~Mark Rashid

These two quotes help me to view undesirable horse behavior through communication. I am open to making sure the horse is understanding my communication, while also listening and assessing their behavior as a means of their communication to me. From this information you can determine the horse’s need. Does the horse need clearer direction from you, do you lack respect or rapport from the horse, is the horse connected and paying attention to you?

It is imperative to leave blame out of the equation! Do not blame yourself or your horse, when things don’t go as planned. Focus on a solution, if it is beyond your scope of horsemanship or abilities seek help. Otherwise if both you and the horse are safe then it is time to get to work improving yourself. Blame will keep you stuck and only produce more frustration.


Nutrition and Conditioning 

Although many times sessions go awry it is do to lack of horse connection, communication, and mindset reasons; it is important to review and assess the horse’s fitness and nutrition. If we eat junk food and are out of shape we often don’t want to go hiking, running, or other physical activities. Horses are no different. Making sure they are physically comfortable, building their fitness, and adjusting their nutrition is something many overlook.

For steps on how to effectively assess your horse’s lifestyle download our FREE PDF guide, The Secrets of Equine Naturopathy, click here or the image below to get this guide sent to your inbox today!

How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse


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The Journey To Your Horse’s Health Begins Here & Now!