Do you feel like you have lost the horse you once knew?

I have been there and understand that feeling. I can’t believe that is was 6 years ago my vet recommended that I euthanize my mare. All the time and money spent on endless tests and supplements got me nowhere.

What will make you cringe, is the reality that…  Horses get put down every day with solvable problems. I didn’t believe it until I experienced this for myself.

We all have that horse we will never forget...

Fast forward to now, Pokey is healthy and thriving. It pains me to think what could have been had I listened and not found her solution.

Although, it is great that I found a way to help my mare come back to health… looking back there were tell tale signs that I missed that might have prevented her suffering!

Not all horses are at this point, but they are trying to communicate that dangerous digestive problems are present that could lead to major concerns. These signs are being shrugged off by vets and equine professionals…

That is why I designed 10 Telltale Signs That Your Horse is Suffering from Dangerous Digestive Problems, this is a free guide to help ensure you hear, what your horse might be trying to tell you.

Click here or the image below to download the guide today.

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Breaking Through Emotional Patterns

Equine Emotions

It doesn't have to been known to be recognized and heard

Just like every person has a story… so does every horse.

It may be that you raised your horse from a foal, or at least know most of their story. Or maybe for some of the horses' in your life or herd their story remains unknown, but that doesn't mean you don't experience the past or see signs of what it might have been like.

Most of my equine career has been spent with rehab horses and rescues, many of them I didn't know the before story and it was my goal to bring a new hope and “after” story for them.

My current herd is about half and half… 2 horses I know a lot about their history and 2 not so much.

For this post I would like to introduce you to my mustang Lonan. He was rounded up from the Jackson Mountains in Neveda, in early July of 2012 according to his papers. Believed to be born in 2011, adopted by his first adopters in late 2016 with not much (positive) human interaction before being transferred to me a year later.

Although he may not have spent much time in the wild, his instincts and innate behavior still ring very true at heart. I recently saw footage of a round up that happened just prior to Lonan's round up and it broke my heart. I knew he had likely be through a lot but to be honest the video really shocked me! You can click here to watch it, but fair warning it is hard to see…

Much of his behavior upon his arrival to my home, told me there were things in his past that skewed his view on people and really life in general. He was aggressive to me, my other horses, and managed to take down multiple fences. To see the side of him that is emerging now, I could not be more humbled and relieved. As I feared that the hope of him accepting and adapting to domestic life might not be possible…

Spotting Emotional Patterns

Maybe your horse didn't have a traumatic past… or maybe you don't know their history at all, but if you find your horse having undesirable behaviors over and over again it's possible they are rooted in an emotional pattern or cycle.

Essential oils and body work in combination are my favorite way to pattern interrupt and clear both physical and emotional memory, allowing breakthrough for your horse to get back to the calm, connected, and collected horse they desire to be. My favorite essential oil options for negative emotion barriers are Trauma Life essential oil blend and Inner Child essential oil blend.

You can check out the video below and see more updates like this in our private Equine Wellness Facebook – click here to join now. It might not look like much… but if you could see where he came from, you would know that Lonan experiences a completely different world than he did when he first arrived. He is like a brand new horse.

The essential oil blends I mentioned and 60 days of ForeCalm Powder to help break his fear cycle and he is ready to move forward being a willing, engaged, ready to learn, equine partner.

Don't Unknowingly Let Dangerous Digestive Problems Linger-

A common question I receive in relation to the topic of emotional patterns, is “how do I know if the behavior is linked to emotions or to physical concerns?”

That is a very important question that needs to be explored, because often times is can be both… and each needs addressed for the possiblity of the horse to return to being their true vibrant, exuberant self! I want to share with you the top 10 signs I have seen for a horse showing signs of health problems…

In fact, my mare struggled with #3 on the list for many years and I was told it was a behavior and training issue. I created a free pdf guide that shares 10 Tell Tale Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering From Dangerous Digestive Problems. Click Here to download your copy today.

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Life is better when you're horsin’ around!

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Dandelions Are Worth More Than Wishes To Your Horse

Some See A Weed, Some See A Wish, While Your Horse Sees Health Potential…

Although many see the dandelion as a common weed, it actually should be seen as a valuable nutrient source and medicinal herb. The entire dandelion is safe for you horse to eat, the leaves and roots are the most beneficial when it comes to promoting your horse's health.

The dandelion root is great for promoting liver health and cleansing, while the leaves serve more as a kidney and urinary tract tonic and detox aide.

Nutrient wise dandelion is high in Vitamins A, B, C, and D. It is also rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium making it a natural electrolyte option.

According to a published medical study on Pubmed.gov

Dandelion may exhibit various health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic properties. We analyzed the leaves and roots of the common dandelion (T. officinale) using high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry to determine its sesquiterpene lactone composition. The main compound of the leaf extract taraxinic acid β-d-glucopyranosyl ester (1), a sesquiterpene lactone, was isolated and the structure elucidation was conducted by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry. The leaf extract and its main compound 1 activated the transcription factor nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) in human hepatocytes more significantly than the root extract. Furthermore, the leaf extract induced the Nrf2 target gene heme oxygenase 1. Overall, present data suggest that compound 1 may be one of the active principles of T. officinale.”

Although it might not reduce oxidative stress by 40% like the Nrf2 Synergizer we share in our Health Activated Horse Group… the leaf extract as stated above has been proven to activate Nrf2 and it has antioxidant properties… add that to the other benefits shared and you have a vitality supporting herb that you can utilize for your horse.

When in season in your area you can feed it fresh, as long as you are cautious that you harvest it in an area that has not been sprayed with herbicides… there are also species of “false dandelion” like Flatweed that look similar to dandelion, that is toxic to horses. I prefer to get a organic dandelion dried leaf options from herb professionals like Mountain Rose Herbs or Monteray Bay Herbs .

Best if used in moderation and like with many herbal remedies it's beneficial to cycle the horse off or give the body breaks between use. Always read your horse and seek professional guidance when needed. The serving size I most often utilize is 1/4 cup of dried dandelion leaves added to a clean forage/hay pellet (no synthetics or additives).

Times To Turn To Dandelion Leaves-

As shared above, dandelion leaves and/or root can make an affordable health boosting option for your horse when they are in health. Other suggested times of use can be when the body is struggling to clear toxins (after any chemical dewormers, pharmecuticals, vaccines, etc.), when edema, water retention, or the urinary track needs stimulated or cleansed.

For my mare Pokey she will be going on dandelion leaves for a period of time, to support the balance of her Water element, water metabolism, and recent concerns of edema in her legs. You can read more about other options to support similar concerns with the posts below:

Are you ready to unlock the health potential of your horse? If so I've got you covered! To empower you in how to utilize “The Root of Life”, I have designed a free PDF Guide to get you started on the right track to supporting your horse's wellness and vitality. Click Here or the image below to grab you copy now!

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