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We understand it can be overwhelming to provide the best care for your horse, when the marketplace is full of mediocre and toxic supplements and products. Combine that with a traditional health care system of suppressing symptoms and never getting to the core of health issues. Along with an altered lifestyle and natural habitat. It is no wonder there are as many illnesses, lameness, disease, and horse waste in the industry. I know most of it is purely unintentional, but it is time to become aware, educated, and empower ourselves to make better decisions. If enough of us start doing things differently and more natural we can bring a change and improve the quality of life for our horses!

As an adult, I now see even as a child and teen, the steps and path that were leading me to where I am now. A life with horses was never a choice for me, it was just meant to be. I have tried to function and live without them in my life and it has never worked! My history and journey began viewing, practicing, and getting an education in traditional training methods and traditional horse health care. It never felt right and I always seemed to be searching out new and better ways to do things.

We all have that horse we will never forget...

Being an introvert and pleaser, it was never comfortable for me or something I wished to do. I very much like the feeling of fitting in and not rocking the boat. But the more horses I see suffer needlessly and the more frustrated and drained horse owners I saw then and continue to see now, I can not sit back and be comfortable about it.

With the support and following my blogs and services have acquired, it is clear I am not the only one that feels this way. I am here to take a stand for horse owners who are ready to get empowered and take responsibility to provide the best, most natural care possible in a balanced way for their horse.


The Audio Series Inspired by My Journey to Natural Horse Care-

We all have at least one horse that shaped our lives, one that made a huge impact and connection. For me that is my mare Pokey! In 2011, Pokey began struggling with what appeared to be a neurological disorder. Lack of balance, bouts of what seemed like dementia, temporary blindness, loss of her ability to control her hindquarters, etc.

It came on slight at first and then within a few weeks was very serious. I called multiple vets had various tests ran, medications tried, and options exhausted. It was after some large vet bills and the final answer from each vet for her was euthanasia. No horse owner wants that option, but I really had no peace about it, and it felt wrong!

I decided to lean into what I had been educated in and utilize the connections I had made in the alternative therapy industry, to find solutions to this situation. As I said that was 4 years ago and Pokey is still here with me to this day! It is not all sunshine and rainbows everyday, but she feels good and seems to very much enjoy her life.

Thinking of what her result could have been and these precious additional years (still going!) I would not have had with her has inspired me to share how I helped Pokey and changed the ending of her story. Because I want that for you and your horse too!

It is our mission here at Equine Essential Wellness to help you maintain and promote the health your horse currently has and reduce the risk of illness and disease in natural ways before they become a concern. But we are also here to help horse owners whose horse’s need to restore and rebuild health, like Pokey needed.

If the thought of naturally improving horse health sounds like the path for you and your horse, I invite you to check out our FREE audio series and get started on the journey today! Click Here and get the audio series emailed to you today!

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Discover the Difference That Makes the Difference with Your Horse’s Health

equine nutrition the difference

Horse Health Requires a Solid Foundation-

I often share how essential oils had a huge impact for my mare’s health six years ago when I was told to put her down.

Although they were, there is a crucial piece I had in place already to support the essential oils efforts…

At that point and time, Pokey’s situation was front and center of my attention. But so were the horses of my clients…

This breaking point increased my awareness of all the common conditions our horses are experiencing.

How many people do you know with horses that have any of the following: allergies, respiratory concerns, laminitis, founder, Cushings, gastric ulcers, insulin resistance, arthritis… I could go on and on!

What is the one thing all of these horses have in common?


The Difference That Made The Difference – More Natural Equine Nutrition-

Every horse I had worked with had very similar feeding regimens. Regardless of the various products on the market, they were all very alike.

So it made sense that even though I had switched Pokey’s diet many times with every latest and greatest, the results, were never long term.

When I peeled back the details on what I had been taught and sold at courses and seminars, I discovered almost all the classes were taught or paid for by the feed companies or professionals who worked for them.

Understand this is often the case for universities and colleges as well.

The biggest shift for me was when I realized without knowing it I had put my horse’s health in the hands of people who didn’t care for it as much as I thought they did…

They care more about making products cheaper, increasing shelf life, and creating long-term income from our horses’ alignments. Meanwhile, we sit in the dark and wonder why our horses are suffering.

I wasn’t sure if this simple and yet cornerstone piece was enough to change what Pokey was experiencing… but we had nothing to lose and the options I was now learning and researching were far more simple, cheaper, and heck I could read the label without needing Google search!

This perspective of equine nutrition made such an impact not just for Pokey and my other personal horses but also for many client horses over the years…

You can learn more about this approach to equine nutrition on a previous blog Selecting More Natural Horse Nutrition or get more in-depth information from our Strides to Simplicity Equine Nutrition Course. This new perspective on equine nutrition has made such a difference for my horses’ and those I have worked with that I feel compelled to share it with others.

I hope you found value in this post. Please share via your favorite social media page to help us on our mission to promote horse health and wellness. You will find share buttons on the bottom of the post.

Life is better when you’re horsin’ around!


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How to Achieve the Results You Desire in Your Horse’s Health and Horsemanship

Is it just me…

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve amazing goals and dreams, while others don’t? Now I want to clarify that having a goal of taking a short trail ride with your horse is just as important as an Olympic rider whose goal is to win the gold medal….

Amazing goals in the context I am using them in is personal goals that bring you fulfillment and satisfaction. They look different from person to person. Regardless of the view from those peering at them from the outside each is meaningful and important.

Mentors and Self Improvement

Most of us have mentors that we look up to… we read their books and blogs, attend seminars and events, watch online courses and DVD series. But at some point, we have to stop taking in information. We have to go apply what we have learned or really it is not helpful.

In regards to horse health, implementing new things comes easily for me. I am open to exploring, experimenting, learning, and growing. The unknown is intriguing and begs me to discover new things…

My horsemanship on the other hand is where I have struggled in the past. I find especially with my mustangs that I want to read one more article, watch one more video before I go work with them. That is precisely why I adopted them. I became aware of my avoidance behavior in this area of my life and wanted to push myself to improve.

Watch what you say… to yourself.

If you find yourself in an avoidance pattern like I shared above it is very important to watch what you say to yourself. It is likely the thoughts and things you are choosing to focus on are what you feel weak or less proficient at. So instead utilize and raise awareness of what you do know already and start there.

Then introduce or take a small action that stretches your comfort zone and brings you closer to the goal you are trying to achieve.

When Pokey first became ill (Learn more on the About Page), I felt like a failure! With all the education, experience, and contacts I had… how did we end up here?

If I had allowed my thoughts and feelings to stay in that limited space I doubt I would be writing this right now. Instead, I put my head down and look for new perspectives and different mentors. Most of those I found were not in my area and I simply had a book, course, or maybe an article. The information often was opposite to what my background and experience taught me, I was out of my comfort zone, to say the least.

My desperation to help my horse pushed me through the fear of the unknown, stumbling along and figuring out. It was not until recently I came across the American Council of Animal Naturopathy and found some reassurance that what I was “doing” was a real thing… that there are principles and theory to what I share. Prior to that, I was totally reliant on the horse to let me know if I was on the right track.

Although I am grateful to have found A.C.A.N. and have now graduated their courses, I still firmly believe in allowing the horse to tell me if I am on the right track!

Takeaway Moment and Tips

When people reach out to me and share how helpful my website, courses, and content has been I feel blessed. But when I ask what they have changed or implemented from what I share and I hear things like, well I am not experienced or knowledgeable enough to (fill in the blank)… I see that I need to improve my communication and services.

There was a time that I was not knowledgeable or experienced. In fact, I approach every day in search of what I can improve upon and learn… I guide people through supporting their horse’s health in situations I don’t always fully understand but I also know I can figure out what it is I need to when the time comes.

Since I focus on health, there are many conditions and labels given to the horses I work with, that I don’t know and have to research to fully understand. I instead choose to focus on health and the proper function of the body… that is what I know and understand.

Through focusing on my strength, I learn and grow every day and achieve amazing things that would not be possible if I did not step out and do what I know how to do in spite of what I don’t!

What have you been avoiding in your horsemanship and horse’s health? Comment below or share it in our private Facebook group. We want to support you and help you stay accountable to take action!

I hope you found value in this post. Please share via your favorite social media page to help us on our mission to promote horse health and wellness. You will find share buttons on the bottom of the post.

Life is better when you’re horsin’ around!

The title photo of this post is the work of professional photographer, Nadja Rider. She has a great passion for the mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin and her work brings awareness and life to the herds and horses there. I hope to further the efforts of her great work, through utilizing these beautiful images. If you would like to follow these horses on Facebook Click HereBe sure to check out Nadja photos, they share a story of the lives of mustangs in such an honest and authentic way.