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Understanding The Nervous Horse

Taking the nervous horse seriously-

There are many factors to consider when you are looking to support a nervous horse. I have two of my personal horses that I would consider anxious types and I utilize a variety of things to foster emotional balance and conditioning to help them manage their anxiety.

Raising awareness of the autonomic nervous systems impact on human health on the last post got me thinking… if we are spending too much time with our sympathetic nervous system activated (fight or flight) and it is taking a toll on our health…

What about the anxious or nervous horse?

Looking at the research and studies that show the benefits of increasing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system can help explain why methods like Reiki and things like people doing their meditations and even yoga next to their horses has proven rewarding for both the horse and human.

Yes, I said horses are masters of living in the moment, but let's be honest our influence and domestic environment can hinder and disrupt how a horse would naturally be.

So if you have a horse that is nervous or anxious often- you will want to check out the additional posts on supporting your horse through it and experience the advantages that come with helping your horse find emotional balance and work to be more parasympathetic dominant.


Follow Nature's Plan For Your Horse-

One way to reduce your horse's stress and nervousness is to make sure their lifestyle is aligned with the laws of health. horses give us so much! Start by downloading your copy of our FREE PDF guide, The Secrets of Equine Naturopathy, click here or the image below to get this series sent to your inbox today!

How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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The Journey To Your Horse's Health Begins Here & Now!

The title photo of this post is the work of professional photographer, Nadja Rider. She has a great passion for the mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin and her work brings awareness and life to the herds and horses there. I hope to further the efforts of her great work, through utilizing these beautiful images. If you would like to follow these horses on Facebook Click HereBe sure to check out Nadja photos, they share a story of the lives of mustangs in such an honest and authentic way.

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