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How To Make The Best Decision For Your Horse’s Care

Your Internal Guidance System-

I just recently watched an amazing training by Zen DeBrücke – it was one of those times where I knew I was in the right place at the right time and to be honest it actually made me cry…

My heart and passion to help horse owners with improving their horse's health is strong and sometimes can be overpowering. It comes so natural for me to research, process, and make decisions quickly and confidently that I have found it hard to empower my students with the skill to duplicate it. Although many students get to that point, it often takes a great deal of time with me, one on one, and/or time studying my course content.

While I listened to Zen's training she confirmed and brought an awareness to me of a pattern that I have unconsciously done for as long as I can remember. Zen teaches people about their Internal Guidance System, how to feel it, and utilize it. This is actually what I use to determine what care my horses need, when I need to switch or cycle supplements, what natural remedies to use, etc. I use my IGS so often that I am not even aware of it most of the time.

How to Tap Into Your Internal Guidance System

I encourage you to check out Zen DeBrücke's website, Zen In A Moment, for more information on this topic, but I want to share with you with the newly found awareness I now have, how I tap in and utilize my IGS in my horse care and even horsemanship routines.

Think for a moment for me…

Picture a time with your horse that you felt open, expanded, and care free. Everything was in flow and harmony and life seemed to be synchronized and meant to be. Hold that feeling for a moment.

Then I want you to picture a time when you had a “bad horse day”, you were frustrated, confused, stressed, or overwhelmed with your horse's behavior, a performance, your horse's health situation, etc. Notice what you feel in your body right now…

Did you feel contracted, closed, shrunk or shriveled?

What is really causing us to feel either positive or negative feelings during these situations? If you think about it and raise your awareness can you connect that feeling of openness and expanse when you are aligned and on the right path and contracted and closed when you believe that you aren't?

Strengthen The Internal Guidance System Like A Muscle-

When I share my story about helping my mare Pokey, sometimes people fail to realize or connect that her situation led me to the information I know now… meaning I didn't have a clue how to help her and thankfully I didn't have to! I followed what is shared in the video in my own unconscious way.

One of my favorite statements that Zen said during her talk was, “Just go from opening to opening to opening.” That is exactly what I did for Pokey and what I continue to do for every one of my personal horses and even those of my clients. Sometimes I am amazed at the doors that open for me, that are truly a blessing to those I am working with. I find the information they need through the same concept and internal guidance.

I want you to start to strengthen your IGS in relation to your horse(s). Choose 5 things that weigh on your heart and mind in regards to your horse's health, care, and even horsemanship. Many times these statements are the I should, could, would if, have to, need to, I can't, I am not… thoughts in our head. Here are some ideas:

  • “I would change my horse's diet if I was more knowledgeable and experienced”
  • “I have to feed fortified scientifically complete nutrition”
  • “I have to vaccinate”
  • “I need to ride more”
  • “I am not experienced enough”
  • “I can't figure out what is wrong with my horse”

One last one I want you to write down is whatever label or diagnosis your horse has been given. My horse has (fill in the blank). When you say that or think it do you feel open or closed? What about if instead you say or think-

  • I can find the answers to support my horse back to health.
  • My horse is vibrant, exuberant, and full of life.
  • My horse is nature in its finest form, harmonious, synchronized, and in balance.

Now that you have your statements, use your IGS to help you mark whether you feel open, closed, or neutral. If you feel open make note and move toward that opening! If you feel closed rework the statement to something that brings openness and release. If you feel neutral you may need to find more information and try the statement again.

Go with your initial response and don't let your head get in the way. If it does, try again. It will come more natural to you, over time.

It is my true belief that horse ownership and horsemanship should be fluid, in flow, full of freedom, and fun. I had lost that along time ago. I had silenced my IGS with horses for way too long. It took Pokey's situation to bring me out… that too was a choice. You must make the choice to grow and practice this skill or rely on others to make the decisions for you.

Check out the audio below for a recent call I did sharing more on your internal guidance system and using it for your horse's care…

Utilizing Nature's Care & Design

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How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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