Equine Digestive Health Pathway



Equine Nutrition & Digestion are the Foundation of Horse Health-

Digestive concerns and problems are very common in domestic horses. It is a frequent topic that is presented when horse owners contact me to assist with promoting their horse’s health. I have found that the most empowering thing a horse owner can do is truly understand the nature and function of their horse. That is what inspired this quick, informative online course.

Current Modules Include:

Part 1- GI Tract Overview and the ForeGut

Part 2- The HindGut

Equine Vitamins Quick Reference Guide-  A PDF download that will share the basics of important vitamins that are the focus of equine nutrition.

Equine Digestive Health Task – Implement What you have learned

Equine Supplement Selection Module- Get a clear understanding of how to feed clean nutrition and what to be on the look out for in your ingredient lists.

Assess Your Current Equine Nutrition Task- Knowing but not acting on cleaning your horse’s nutrition won’t do you or the horse any good. Utilize this task to take action and start improving you horse’s health naturally!

Bonus Gastric Ulcers Webinar Replay- Get access to our most popular webinar event and get some tips and ideas for supporting digestive health. There are instances that even with clean nutrition a horse can struggle… in this webinar we covered additional ways to support the health of the GI tract.

Over the years of helping horse owners naturally improve their horse’s health, I have found that what I recommend is often not commonly practiced or status quo. By sharing the function and nature of the horse, the why behind the what, it helps horse owners like you, embrace and understand my suggestions and guidance.

You are an amazing and responsible horse owner to be looking at and considering this type of investment, into enhancing your horse’s health and wellness. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us , be sure to join us over on the private Facebook Group- Equine Wellness Group. Our mission is to promote horse health naturally, we would love for you to join us on that mission!

Please note there is no physical product to this course. It is streaming, online based video content and PDF downloads. We do this to keep the cost affordable and allow us to update and improve the content more effectively. Once you purchase the course you will automatically receive access to any and all updates to the course that we do in the future.