A Complete Guide to Essential Oils – Online Course

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A Path to Successful Natural Horse Care – Essential Oil Online Training

Finally an affordable and convenient way for horse owners to learn and utilize the power of essential oils with their horses! This course is great for those who are new to essential oils, who have been around them awhile, or even for those who think they don't like essential oils! Gain the understanding of the benefits and some ideas and techniques to use essential oils with your horse.

Please note there is no physical product to this course. It is streaming, online based video content and PDF downloads. We do this to keep the cost affordable and allow us to update and improve the content more effectively. Once you purchase the course you will automatically receive access to any and all updates to the course that we do in the future.

The Foundation of Health- Understanding Natural Health and Having the Proper Mindset and Expectations

Essential Oil Basics- What is an essential oil? – What are the different grades? – Essential Oil Applications & Uses -Essential Oil Distillation & Extraction Methods

Essential Oil Benefits- Basic Chemistry, Frequency & pH, ORAC value, Safe, Natural, & Non-toxic

Essential Oils and Emotions- Understanding the Importance of Emotions and Horse Health, Using Essential Oils to Shift Emotional Patterns

Horse Session Tips- Safety & Caution, Intention, Video Example, Area and Points to Cover, Tips to Keep Your Sessions Fun & Effective

NEW! Example Horse Sessions with my Personal Horses Pokey & Lonan- Simple application sessions to help you feel confident and ready to apply with your horse!



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