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Equine Essential Wellness- The Path to Successful Natural Horse Care- Volume 1- Essential Oils

It is my mission to help horse owners become as comfortable, confident, and successful with essential oils with their horse, as I have been blessed to. Having the additional years with my mare Pokey has been priceless! Helping my clients promote their horse's health utilizing essential oils just as rewarding. It is my hope that this guide will help many more.


Chapter Descriptions and Benefits

Introduction & Chapter 1 – which is available for preview from the image above, will give you hope and vision for what essential oils can do to improve your horse's health and wellness. Bring awareness to the importance of an open mind. A firm understanding that not all essential oils are created equal and the tools to determining the grade of the essential oil you are working with.

Chapter 2- Shares the alternate views of health and disease. How to use the 8 Laws of Health to assess and understand your horse's current state of health more clearly. An understanding that health begins at the cell level and includes the condition of the cells environment. Discover areas of concern and how to use them to individualize and cater your horse's health care to their specific needs.

Chapter 3- Delve into the benefits of essential oils in regards to supporting your horse's health. A simple non legalistic (not boring or complicated) way to get to know your essential oils and develop skills for selection without stress or concern!

Chapter 4- The 2 most common mistakes horse owners make that is jeopardizing the horse's safety and health, and the natural ways to change it!

Chapter 5- Begins covering organ systems and areas of concern, with a primary focus on the equine digestive system and the essential oils recommended to support it.

Chapter 6- Shares the connectivity and support suggestions for the respiratory, cardiovascular, and hematopoietic systems. As an additional bonus, covers the lymphatic system as well!

Chapter 7- Explore the musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Discover the recommended essential oils to aid and support health for each system.

Chapter 8- Has your horse ever lost focus during a training session or performance? Or had some negative emotional patterns that needed to shift? Well there is an essential oil for that and in the final chapter we explain how essential oils can help with these situations and selections of essential oils to choose.

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All of this for only $9.95!! Cheaper than the average tube of dewormer paste, which we share ideas how to break away from to a natural alternative inside the guide!

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