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A Natural Approach to Aural Plaque in Horses

Equine Naturopathy View of Aural Plque

A Natural Approach – Equine Naturopathy

Understanding the difference between the natural approach to aural plaque and the more traditional treatment and view requires an awareness of theory differences. We discussed in our post What is Aural Plaque?, that it is a chronic inflammatory response caused by a papilloma viral infection believed to be spread by biting insects. Both views will believe this to be true and yet the solution will be very different.

The traditional view and route of treatment will be based upon the germ theory. Most of us were taught and conditioned to believe the germ theory. Focused on waging war on germs, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. A system of good vs bad and annihilation of what is viewed as bad. There is really no regard to lifestyle repercussions or look into cause and effect. Instead it is fight and kill bad germs, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. If patient experiences undesired symptoms… suppress them. What has resulted from this practice is many horses on cycles of prescription medications, injections, and medical procedures that create further concern or need additional treatment.

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What is one left to choose if this is all we know? The alternative, which long ago used to be viewed traditional- nature. The solution is to look to nature and the terrain theory view of health. Understand that nature has a balance and seeks to support life and health. The opposing or alternative to Louis Pastuer's germ theory came from the studies of Antione Bechamp. Many natural health resources and professionals choose Bechamp's findings to be accurate and true to nature. For more details and understanding on this view you can check out The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur .

Natural Horse Health Starting Point

For a natural view of any horse health concern, equine naturopathy, will assess and analyze the horse as a whole. Utilizing the 8 Laws of Health to find areas that the horse is out of balance. While adjustments are being made to the overall lifestyle to support a healthy terrain, natural remedies will be recommended to comfort and aide in speeding the return of health and homeostasis to the horse.


The natural view of aural plaque, concludes that the horse was overcome with the papilloma viral infection as a result of a stressed and dis-eased terrain. We choose to focus on the solution which is to promote health. The opposite would be to focus on the problem, aural plaque, and fight it or suppress it.

The concern with focusing on the problem is that what we focus on grows. Bechamp discovered that when he combated or try to kill off pathogens they would fight back by morphing and becoming stronger (creation of super bugs). When he instead focused on supporting a cleaner healthy cellular terrain he found that the pathogens actually worked with the cell to restore health.

Begin Naturally Promoting Horse Health

To be successful in improving your horse's health it is crucial to put your focus on fostering health, not fighting disease. This may sound simple and common but in this day and age it is not. So much time and attention is put on the problems and concerns instead of the solutions.

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How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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