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Improving Your Horsemanship with Inspiration

Finding Inspiration and Motivation for Your Horsemanship Journey

Sometimes a story can inspire you to improve or at least change your perspective. I have many great horse women and men that I see as mentors and teachers and Lauren Barwick is one of them.


To be quiet honest I have times when I get stuck or unmotivated in my horsemanship. Sometimes it is the weather (I am a fair weather type girl), or I just don’t “feel” like. My passion and motivation to help others comes much more naturally then  to take my own advice when I am struggling personally.

Being someone who is driven to never ending self improvement, I break out of these ruts and move forward by learning from other’s who have achieved great things in areas that I too would like to  excel.

Today’s Horsemanship Inspiration Feature

For today’s post I would like to share with you a great story, one that shares the commitment, struggles, and passion of a great horsewomen. Riding For the Gold Naturally- Lauren Barwick’s Incredible Journey by Susan O’Brien. I highly recommend this book for any horse owner or horse lover’s library. It will inspire and motivate you in your horsemanship and possibly in others areas of life where you might feel stuck.

You can learn more about Lauren in the video below and to purchase a copy of her book click here.

I hope you found value in this information. Please share via your favorite social media page and join us in our mission in promoting horse health and wellness.

Life is better when you’re horsin’ around!


Pokey my inspiration for promoting natural horse care

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