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Horsemanship is a Journey

Sharing my Journey of Horsemanship

I live in a state of gratitude and openness to share what I learn on my journey with horses. Both that of my personal horses and those of my clients. Since adopting my mustangs, I have been on a search for clarity and better understanding…

Of what?

Myself really, and all of the methods, techniques, and information that seems to now have become a fog in my mind. When I go work with my horses, I have found myself discontent to complete tasks and be in a state of “doing” with them. I  have discovered a desire in myself for something different and more than what I have now.

What is the something I am looking for?

Peace, deeper relationship, better connection, and more freedom.

As I started to search for the answer, I came across Taming Wild. A documentary of Elsa Sinclair and her mustang Myrnah, on a journey of training with no tools. No ropes, whips, sticks, or tack. After watching the movie I went to the website to discover that Elsa was coming to my area in a week… so I jumped on it and purchased tickets to attend.

My time at her workshop and even as I read her blog, there is a deep gratitude and resonance for me in Elsa Sinclair's work. It seems she clarifies the points that seem foggy to me in my own mind and strengthens the beliefs and thoughts I stand for when working with horses.

Often times during bodywork sessions, I prefer that the horse is free to move. Sometimes the horse owner finds this strange and frustrating, as the horse in a way controls where, when, and to what capacity the session will go. The reason I do this, is I found that the results seemed to hold better and come with “doing less”, as the horse guides me where they want the work.

horsemanship elsa sinclair

I have only begun to implement and utilize what I have learned in Elsa's recent workshop and hope to attend an online course with her this fall. I am excited to see what this part of the journey has to show me, and will be sharing more on what I learned and experienced this weekend, in upcoming blog posts.

Your relationship and bond with your horse is an important part of your horse's health and wellness. It is a part that traditional health care tends to over look, but Trust is one of the 8 Laws of Health and is crucial to successful natural horse care.

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2 thoughts on “Horsemanship is a Journey

  1. Hi I have been working with Elsa for many years and I know exactly what your describing. Im a equine body worker as well and after the winter class I attended my choice of space to work has shifted out of the cross ties to stalls and round pens. I encourage you to take the class

    1. Thank you Cindy for sharing your experience and encouragement! I do feel that I found Elsa and her work for a reason and I do plan on pursuing working with her and exploring what she teaches and has to offer 🙂

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