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Horsemanship Bringing Awareness to the World Around You

Horsemanship and Self Awareness Lesson from Tahotay-

It is a common understanding that horses are the best teachers! It is my belief that every horse that comes into your life or path, has a purpose and something in which they are to teach you. That even includes horses like Tahotay, Shadow, and Roheryn. Three amazing mares that had the job of assisting Elsa Sinclair to teach those of us participants and auditors this past weekend at Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch in Eckert, Colorado.

The image above was shared by George Brauneis who owns these amazing horses and hosted the clinic at his ranch. This picture is of Tahotay and Lil' Shadow. For those who are not familiar with Elsa's work I recommend you check out her blog Equine Clarity and the movie Taming Wild

As participants in her clinic, we went in with the horses free moving, no halters, sticks, etc. In this case there were three mares and usually three participants in with them at a time. Our purpose was to partner with our chosen horse. This included for starters, choosing a spot or location in which to relate and be with the horse, move when they moved, and take one more step.

Each of these mares has a different personality, of course, and Tahotay was very reserved, self focused, and rather enjoyed living in her bubble… my kind of girl!

Check in with the outside world and enjoy what there is to see!

What Tahotay had to teach me actually did not come while I was working with her personally, and even yet, did not settle in until the drive home that evening.

While one of the other participants was working with her, they expressed that it felt rude or intrusive to disturb or bring Tahotay our of her blissful and resting state. She spent a lot of time there…

Although I don't remember Elsa's statement word for word, she simply explained that it was a gesture as a partner or leader to encourage Tahotay to move out of her internal space and world from time to time, so that she could enjoy what the world outside of her could offer.

In that moment it made sense to me and I moved on with the day, not realizing the personal life lesson that would hit me on the way home. There was a lot to take in and process from the day, which to be honest is something I really enjoy… the overload of information and discoveries that I can think about and pick apart in my mind.

Delayed Horsemanship Ah Ha Moment

It was during my processing that suddenly I became aware of my likeness to Tahotay. I can be a bit of a hermit at times and love to spend time either alone or with my horses. In fact those are often my favorite places and ways to be. I can think, read, study, write, create, and simply be. No need to engage, explain, or expend energy to interact to much outside of that space.

Thankfully God has placed persistent people in my life, who enjoy my company and will drag me out of my bubble to experience the outside world with them! Because, there is enjoyment and discoveries to be had in ways that I would not choose without the influence of others.

This simple and yet profound connection to Tahotay, brought awareness in a part of my life that I need to balance and also helped me see how it can improve our partnership and leadership with our horses, as we encourage those who are like her to come out and see the world and explore it with us.

Encouraging these horses (and myself) to more frequently come out of our internal space and peaceful bubble, we can help foster more emotional stability and balance which will have a positive effect on other areas of their life. From training, behavior, relationships, and even health!

I am sure that you have had many moments and experiences where a horse has taught you something… I would love for you to share it. Post it in the comments below or come join the private Facebook group and share your story there. Click Here to request to join.

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