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Take Control of Your Horse’s Health Naturally!

  • Are you tired of your horse struggling with skin irritations, hives, stiffness, pain, inflammation, ulcers, poor body condition, and other frustrating health concerns?
  • Is your horse acting fatigued, crabby, or unmotivated?
  • Are your horse’s behavioral issues making your time with your horse less enjoyable?
  • Would you like to reduce the risk of illness and injury for your horse? All while enjoying more trust and connection?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and you are ready for a shift and improvement in your horse’s health and vitality, then we have services that can help you to accomplish that desire. We even offer a FREE, 30 minute, Sure Fit Call, to help you determine which of our products and services suits your horses needs the best! During this call, I can get to know you, find out about your horse, and see how I can best serve your needs. You can also get to know me, and see if I am the right fit for you! Win, win.

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  • Reduced risk of injury and illness of the horse.
  • Improved overall mental, emotional, and physical horse well being.
  • A better connection and understanding between horse and rider.
  • Increased trust and rapport between horse and owner.
  • A more calm, willing, and responsive horse.

You will get one on one support from someone who has been where you are! I have felt and experienced the loss of passion and joy for my horsemanship. At one point in my life, I found myself frustrated, fearful, and ready to give up on my love of horses. Thankfully with focus and persistence, I found ways to rekindle that love and connection with horses that continues to grow to this day. I also have had traditional medicine fail to give me solutions to improve my horse’s health and after three recommendations to euthanize my childhood horse, I found her remedies and answers that have given us precious added years together (5 years and still going). To see more on my background and education, see the About Page.

Horse Health Consultation Options

We are currently updating the options and services for both our online courses and one and one consultation programs…

Use the Contact Us tab if you would like to receive an update on the packages. They are expected to launch by the first or second week of November 2017.  If you would like support and guidance before then, just let us know. Otherwise, check out the feedback from a few of our previous customers and currently available options below.

Equine Digestion Online Training- A Natural Guide to Nutrition and Digestive Health- This Course Includes:

Digestive concerns and problems are very common in domestic horses. It is a frequent topic that is presented when horse owners contact me to assist with promoting their horse’s health. I have found that the most empowering thing a horse owner can do is truly understand the nature and function of their horse. That is what inspired this quick, informative online course. Click Here for full details.

Equine Essential Wellness Online Training Course – Complete Guide to Essential Oils- This Course Includes:

  • For modules specifics and details you can click here.


Equine Essential Wellness- Volume 1- Complete Guide to Essential Oils eBook- $9.95

It is my mission to help horse owners become as comfortable, confident, and successful with essential oils with their horse, as I have been blessed to. Having the additional years with my mare Pokey has been priceless! Helping my clients promote their horse’s health utilizing essential oils just as rewarding. It is my hope that this guide will help many more. This eBook is over 50 pages and 8 Chapters of great content to help inspire and empower you. Click Here to get the full details.

 Our mission is promoting horse through horse owner education, nutrition, alternative therapy, & care.

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