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Herbal Remedies for Horses

herbal remedies for horses

What You Should Understand About Herbal Remedies for Horses-

Although, possibly better known and understood, the use of herbs in a true holistic approach requires that the person choosing the herb for the horse recognizes the body as a synergistic whole of connected parts and organ systems. That the symptoms of the body are communications of these systems. It is with this view and understanding that one can clearly move forward to the proper selection and utilization of herbal remedies.

By looking for the source and root of a health concern, one can then try to select herbs much in the way the horse would do if they were out in the wild and in a natural habitat in which they had the freedom to self-treat or medicate. This is not to imply a diagnosis or treatment of those using herbs, just an explanation of how horses would care for themselves without human interaction or impediments.

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Tips and Attention for Using Herbal Remedies-

I have successfully utilized herbs with horses for many years. Primarily I choose herbs as a nutritive supplement. You can also use them in poultices, oil infusions, salves, ointments, extracts, or tinctures. Through my personal and professional experience these are some tips and considerations I would recommend.

  • Introduce slowly and with a less is more approach.
  • Understand that although they are natural there is a possibility of allergic reaction, which is one reason to implement the previous tip.
  • View each horse as an individual and work with them as such. Be sure your intention and attention is on the horse. Reading their behavior and honoring the responses and feedback they are giving you.
  • Research and know the source of your herbs. You want to find a source that avoids pesticides, steers clear of GMO, and has the understanding of proper cultivation. Find a reliable and reputable choice.
  • When in doubt or uncertain- study and investigate prior to use.
  • Have “cleansing” time or pull the horse off of the herbal remedy at least 2 days per week, ultimately my experience with herbs is one of temporary use not chronic use, a majority of the time.

Begin Naturally Promoting Horse Health

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How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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