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7 Tips to Supporting Your Horse Through Detox

Tips for supporting your horse through a cleanse-

In this day and age supporting the body to detox is very important. There are different ways in which you can detox your horse. Some people like to more aggressively detox the body and choose to utilize specific detox systems and programs….

The tips shared in this post are meant to guide you through a more moderate and lifestyle approach. With the amount of toxins our horses are combating it seems more advantageous to maintain a balanced and continual detox approach.

  1. Clean your horse's nutrition of synthetics and chemicals- many feeds on the market today actually contain the very ingredients in which you are looking to cleanse from your horse's system…
  2. Support the digestive system with prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes- if the digestive system fails to deliver the nutrition your horse's bodies needs, the body will not have the fuel it necessary to properly cleanse. Resulting in toxic build up…
  3. Filter water and ensure appropriate hydration- Utilize options like a Horse Hydrator to filter out chemicals within your water that raise the risk of health concern.
  4. Stop applying topical products that are synthetic laden and based- Feeds and supplements are not the only ingredient lists that you need to review and be aware of. Switch your fly sprays, liniment, shampoos, etc. to more organic natural choices.
  5. Utilize herbs like milk thistle, dandelion root, or dandelion leaf to support cleansing- Always be sure to review the tips above and lifestyle of the horse, adjusting and reducing the toxins where you can prior to utilizing natural remedies.
  6. Add essential oils to your care routine (supports pH, frequency, and reduced oxidative stress)- Remember health begins at the cell level. Continued toxic overload after implementing these tips is a sign of imbalance at the cell level. Check out Where does your horse's health begin? for more information on cell health.
  7. Exercise and bodywork- Exercise is crucial to your horse's overall health and wellness… and bodywork is a great way to help support your horse's circulatory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

What is most important to understand is you are looking to cell health and function. If you are implementing these 7 tips in your horse's health and wellness you are on the right track!

Don't Unknowingly Let Dangerous Digestive Problems Linger-

When toxins build up in the horse's system it can be due to the digestive system not functioning properly… many of the health concerns our horses face today are connected to problems that begin in the GI tract. It has also been my experience that these concerns often are overlooked by equine professionals and horse owners alike.

My mare struggled with #3 on the list for many years and I was told it was a behavior and training issue. I created a free pdf guide that shares 10 Tell Tale Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering From Dangerous Digestive Problems. Click Here to download your copy today.

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