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Where does your horse’s health begin?

What determines if your horse is experiencing health or is experiencing disease?

Your horse is made up of trillions of cells and how those cells function, how they regenerate, how they communicate together, the terrain of the cell itself, the balance or lack there of, all play a huge role in your horse's health. Groups of cells form tissues, groups of tissues form organs and of course within the organs we have organ systems. If your horse is experiencing a health concern your mission is to start isolating and separating where the problem starts and what you will find is the answer will be discovered all the way down in the microscopic cells.

The 3 Pillars of Cell Health

To give you simple focus points to take action on to support your horse's cell function, I have broken it down into 3 main pillars in which to assess. So the three areas that are important for cellular health are going to be frequency, pH, and reducing oxidative stress.

  1. Oxidative Stress – You can learn additional details about oxidative stress in our recent blog post The Missing Link to Your Horse's Health. What is important to understand is that you need to find options that naturally support the bodies ability to ward off and keep cell damaging free radicals under control. Natural options like essential oils, herbs, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are great! But what studies are revealing and the raising horse health concerns are an indicator of, is that dietary antioxidants are not always enough. I have experienced success and know many others who have seen results utilizing a natural Nrf2 activation product. Contact us if you would like to learn more.
  2. Frequency – All living things have frequency… Research shared and discovered by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington showed that the average healthy (human) body frequency is between 62-72 Hz. Utilizing natural options such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, and herbs can serve you well and help you to increase your horse's overall frequency. Because just as health has a frequency range so does disease and illness.
  3. pH- One of my favorite books on the topic of natural health is The Battle For Health Is Over pH by Gary Tunsky. In his book Gary shares, “All life begins in the cell, is maintained by the cell, and ceases by the cell.” This powerful statement just continues to solidify the importance of placing dedicated focus and intention to the health of your horse's cell terrain and environment! Clean nutrition, reducing and eliminating toxic products and chemicals in your horse's care, essential oils, and herbs can all support your efforts to balance or alkalize the body.

Essential Oils Quote

If you begin to raise your understanding and awareness to cell health, and you take action to maintain a stable balanced internal environment for your horse utilizing these 3 pillars of health, you can often see dramatic positive results and benefits. Whether it happens quickly or takes some time, will be individualized to each horse and situation.

These 3 factors are what made such a difference for my mare, when I was told euthanasia was my mare's only option back in 2011. My success in her health transformation starts right here with what I just shared with you! As you can see from the suggestions on how to best support the 3 pillars of cell health… natural options are the most effective way to move forward. To ensure you experience the results you desire it is imperative that you assess and review that your horse's care and lifestyle are aligned with Nature's plan and design. You can get started on supporting your horse to vibrant health right now, by downloading your copy of our FREE PDF guide, The Secrets of Equine Naturopathy, click here or the image below to get this guide sent to your inbox today!

How to Naturally Improve the Health of Your Horse

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The Journey To Your Horse's Health Begins Here & Now!

The title photo of this post is the work of professional photographer, Nadja Rider. She has a great passion for the mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin and her work brings awareness and life to the herds and horses there. I hope to further the efforts of her great work, through utilizing these beautiful images. If you would like to follow these horses on Facebook Click HereBe sure to check out Nadja photos, they share a story of the lives of mustangs in such an honest and authentic way.

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