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Adjust to Fit the Situation – Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition is the Foundation of Horse Health-

Proper equine nutrition is a topic commonly discussed here at Equine Essential Wellness. Clean, effective, and species specific nutrition is needed for the body to function in optimal health. Most horse owners agree with me on this point, yet are feeding highly processed, chemical laden, commercialized grains. Many of these grains are full of fillers, with a lab created vitamin spray on top.

Why is that a concern to horse health?

  • The horse will have to process through all the fillers to obtain any actual nutrient value in the feed.
  • The body cannot utilize the synthetics and chemical additives properly and will pass them through the feces or store them improperly.


Determine if Your Equine Nutrition is Adequate-

Traditional equine nutrition education, relies on a mathematical and scientific approach. Requiring that a horse will fit into a cookie cutter feeding program. A system dependent upon age and quantity of  work. Equate this with your own diet. Find a nutritionally complete processed food or cereal that you can eat to provide you the optimal nutrition and offer all the support you need to maintain your health. Without the assistance of whole food or further supplementation.

Establish proper equine nutrition, by listening to you horse. When we help any client with a horse, the diet and nutrition is taken into consideration. You can utilize the links below to learn more.

Don't Allow Dangerous Digestive Problems Linger-

Synthetic and chemically filled feeds can lead to digestive upset for your horse, and even the cleanest most natural nutrition won't be utilized if the digestive system is not functioning at its best!

In my content, I share the story of supporting my mare through health concerns, naturally, after traditional methods had failed and euthanasia became the only recommendation veterinarians had for her. Part of our mission has to do with the success I had in helping her, and wanting that for your horse…

The reality is Pokey had been “telling” me for years that there was a concern, but sadly the vets and other equine professionals and mentors I had at the time told me the things I noticed were no big deal! So I created a free pdf guide that shares 10 Tell Tale Signs Your Horse May Be Suffering From Dangerous Digestive Problems. Click Here to download your copy today.

Pokey struggled with #3 on this list for years and yet I was told she was just lazy and it was a training/behavioral problem. Don't let others misguide you or silence what your horse wants you to know.

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